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4.1. The Inner Ring
The Inner Ring is covered by a floor made of energy. Any raid member that stands in this area receives two debuffs:

Touch of the Titans is a beneficial debuff that increases damage done and healing received by 50%.
Overcharged is a stacking debuff that increases damage taken by 5% per stack, up to a maximum of 20 stacks. A new stack is applied every 5 seconds. Leaving the Inner Ring immediately removes the Overcharged debuff.
Note that in LFR, Overcharged does not exist.

The Inner Ring is where the raid will spend the majority of Stages One and Two.

At the end of Stage Two, the floor that makes up the Inner Ring will disappear, leaving a gaping hole in the room. Any players who are still in the Inner Ring at this time will fall to their deaths.

The floor is re-formed as soon as Stage Three ends.

4.2. The Outer Ring
Unlike the Inner Ring, the Outer Ring is made of stone and it does not interact with the raid in any way. This is where you will spend the entirety of Stage Three, and also where you will move for brief moments during Stage One, in order to allow the Overcharged debuff to expire.

The outside of the Outer Ring is walled, marking the limit of the fighting area.

5. Stage One

As we mentioned above, Stage One starts at the beginning of the fight, and lasts until Elegon reaches 85% health.

During Stage One, Elegon is located in the center of the Inner Ring, and he is stationary. He can be turned, but he does not move from his position.

5.1. Abilities
During Stage One, Elegon makes use of several abilities.

Celestial Breath is a frontal cone AoE attack that Elegon will cast every 20 seconds. It deals a high amount of Arcane damage.
Every 35 seconds, Elegon will cast Materialize Protector. This summons a Celestial Protector, an add with a normal threat table who melees its main aggro target and has several abilities of its own.
The Celestial Protector regularly casts Arcing Energy, which deals high Arcane damage to random raid members and applies a debuff called Closed Circuit to them. This debuff reduces the healing taken by the target by 50% (25% in LFR) for 20 seconds, and can be dispelled.
Due to Phasing, when the Celestial Protector is outside the Inner Ring and has over 25% health, he takes 90% reduced damage.
When the Celestial Protector reaches 25% health, he begins casting Stability Flux, which deals a small amount of Arcane damage to all raid members every second.
When the Celestial Protector is killed, he casts Total Annihilation, which deals a large amount of Arcane damage to all raid members. The Celestial Protector benefits from Touch of the Titans, greatly buffing the damage of Total Annihilation if he dies while inside the Inner Ring.
Finally, if no targets are within Elegon's melee range, he will cast Grasping Energy Tendrils, pulling all raid members to him and dealing a high amount of Arcane damage to them.

5.2. Strategy
First, we will summarise the strategy for Stage One. Then, we will detail each step further.

Have Elegon tanked facing away from the raid, so that he does not hit anyone except the tank with Celestial Breath.
Have the Celestial Protectors picked up by the off-tank, tanked within the Inner Ring, and killed outside the Inner Ring. Make sure that no one is low on health when the Celestial Protector dies.
Have everyone periodically leave the Inner Ring for a brief moment, in order to reset their stacks of Overcharged. The tanks will have to switch tanking Elegon regularly, so that the off-tank can reset their stacks.
Healers must be quick to dispel Closed Circuit from players, as well as healing the raid and tank damage.
In LFR, the strategy is considerably simpler. All you need to do is tank Elegon facing away from the raid, and have the off-tank pick up the Celestial Protectors. There is no need for tank switching, the Overcharged debuff does not exist (and so, does not require resetting), and it is no problem if Celestial Defenders die in the Inner Ring.

5.2.1. Positioning
Elegon will be located in the center of the Inner Ring. There is no reason for the ranged DPS and healers not to stack up, so they should do so. Ideally, they will stack somewhere close to the edge of the Inner Ring, so that they can easily step out of it in order to reset their Overcharged debuff.

The melee DPS and any healers who prefer melee range will simply stack up behind Elegon.

There is no reason for the ranged DPS and healer group to move from their location.

5.2.2. Tanking Concerns
Your raid will be utilising two tanks: one for Elegon and one for the Celestial Protectors. Their tasks will constantly switch among them, so we will call the tank who is currently tanking Elegon the main tank, and the tank who is currently tanking the Celestial Protector the off-tank.

As we mentioned before, Elegon is stationary. Therefore, a tank must always be within Elegon's melee range, or he will melee the next player on the aggro table. Every 35 seconds, a new Celestial Protector is summoned, who must be tanked.

Finally, due to Overcharged, both tanks must regularly leave the Inner Ring in order to reset their stacks. Given that Stage One ends when Elegon reaches 85% health, it is probably only needed to reset your Overcharged debuff once.

The main tank must face Elegon away from the raid at all times, so that Celestial Breath does not damage anyone. Moreover, the main tank will have to watch their stacks of Overcharged, and be prepared to leave the Inner Ring to reset them when they reach about 10-12. The off-tank should taunt Elegon first, so that leaving his melee range is not a problem.

The off-tank must pick up the Celestial Protectors when they spawn (they spawn near to Elegon) and tank them in the Inner Ring, ideally close to its edge. This allows players to easily reset their Overcharged debuff, and allows the Celestial Protector be moved out of the Inner Ring swiftly before it dies.

When the Celestial Protector is about to die, the off-tank should momentarily leave the Inner Ring, bringing the Celestial Defender to the Outer Ring with them. Once their stacks of Overcharged are reset, and the Celestial Protector is dead, they can go to the main tank's location and taunt Elegon. At this time, the main tank should leave the Inner Ring to reset their Overcharged debuff, before picking up the new Celestial Protector.

5.2.3. Healing Concerns
During this part of the fight, the damage that must be healed is relatively low, with the exception of Total Annihilation casts. The main tank will be taking the brunt of the damage, espcially from Celestial Breath. Healers must watch out for the main tank's stacks of Overcharged, and use a healing cooldown on them if the stacks are high before a Celestial Breath.

In regards to raid damage, there will be random bursts of damage from Arcing Energy, cast by the Celestial Protectors. This must be healed through. Also, Arcing Energy applies the Closed Circuit healing debuff on raid members, which must be dispelled immediately.

There will be a small amount of raid damage when the Celestial Protectors are below 25% health, but this should not be problematic.

Finally, each time a Celestial Protector is killed, the raid will sustain around 200,000 in damage. Players must be topped off in preparation for this, and the healers must be ready to quickly heal those in need. Healing and defensive cooldowns can also be used here, since they will not be needed again for a while.

5.2.4. DPS Concerns
DPS players will find this stage of the fight very easy. They will have three simple tasks to perform:

DPS Elegon.
DPS the Celestial Protectors when they appear, and wait until it is outside the Inner Ring before killing it.
Move out of the Inner Ring when their Overcharged stacks are high (10+) in order to reset them.
5.2.5. Improving Raid DPS
Your goal in this stage is to transition Elegon to Stage Two (85% health) with as few Celestial Protector spawns as possible. In 25-man, you will have to transition him before the third Celestial Protector, and probably the same applies to 10-man.

In order to do this, you can make use of several tips to optimise DPS.

Firstly, melee DPS players can stay in, without resetting their stacks for the first Celestia Protector death (and ensuing Total Annihilation cast). Death Knights can easily survive the Total Annihilation damage, even with as much as 15 stacks of Overcharged, by using Anti-Magic Shell. Other melee classes can use similar damage reduction abilities to survive.

If you are doing this, your healers must be made aware and they must be prepared to top these players off right before Total Annihilation occurs.

By doing this, you gain valuable DPS time on the boss, that these players would otherwise waste by running to reset their stacks. For the second Celestial Protector, however, all melee DPS will have to reset their stacks.

Secondly, casters can find a sweet spot at the edge of the border between the Inner and Outer Rings, where they are benefiting from the Touch of the Titans (and stacking Overcharged), but where jumping will simply reset the stacks of Overcharged. This makes the resetting of stacks much easier, and requires little movement overall. Such sweet spots are located everywhere around the Inner Ring, and you can try to find one even before the fight starts. Simply stand as close to the Outer Ring as you can, while still benefiting from Touch of the Titans, and see if jumping in that location resets your stacks of Overcharged.

Finally, note that you should be able to push Elegon to Stage Two without the use of major cooldowns, such as Heroism/ Bloodlust/ Time Warp.

6. Stage Two

When Elegon reaches 85% health, he enters Stage Two. This stage ends when one or more Energy Charges reach their destination (we describe this in detail below).

6.1. Abilities
This is mainly a DPS burn phase, but there is some raid damage to consider.

When Elegon reaches 85% health, he begins channeling Draw Power for 15 seconds. During this time, nothing at all happens.
When Draw Power is over, the boss will spawn 6 Energy Charge adds in a tight circle around his location. A second after spawning, these adds will begin moving towards 6 fixed points at the edge of the Inner Ring over 16 seconds (indicated by Focus Power, a spell Elegon channels during this time). The Energy Charges do not have aggro tables and do not deal any damage. They are not susceptible to slows or any other forms of crowd control. They are killable.
If all the Energy Charges are killed before they reach their destination (before Elegon finishes channeling Focus Power), then he will begin a new cast of Draw Power (lasting only 3 seconds), at the end of which he will spawn another set of 6 Energy Charges. These Charges will behave exactly like the previous ones, except that they will move faster (taking 13.33 seconds to reach their destination).
If this second set of Energy Charges is killed before any of them reaches their destination, Elegon will cast a new Draw Power (still 3 seconds) and spawn 6 more Energy Charges. These ones will travel to their destination over the course of 11.43 seconds.
This process continues, with the casts of Focus Power being shorter and shorter, until one or more Energy Charges reach their destination.
When at least one Energy Charge reaches its destination, the boss will enter Stage Three. Your raid will have about 25 seconds before the floor of the Inner Ring disappears.
When an Energy Charge is killed, it deals a small amount of raid-wide Arcane damage.

It is important to note, finally, that each time Elegon finishes a cast of Draw Power, he gains a stack of a debuff that increases the damage he takes by 10% per stack (5% in LFR). This debuff persists until the end of the fight.

6.2. Strategy
The strategy for Stage Two is rather simple. Your raid has two goals:

Kill as many waves of Energy Charges as possible. Each successfully killed wave causes Elegon to take additional damage for the remainder of the fight, which will make beating the enrage timer possible.
Deal as much damage as possible to Elegon. Particularly, your raid will be able to deal a large amount of damage to Elegon while he first channels Draw Power (a full 15 seconds).
For the brief time that the Energy Charges are stacked together, it is possible to AoE them, or spread DoTs to them. This will only be the case for the first one or two global cooldowns. After this time, your raid should spread out in order to make sure that all the Charges are killed in time. It is best to assign specific groups of DPS players for each Charge.

Realistically, your raid will only manage to prevent a few waves of Energy Charges from reaching their destination. It is ideal to completely ignore the wave you cannot stop, and use this time to deal more DPS to Elegon himself.

The number of waves will depend on your raid's DPS, but we estimate that you will probably ignore the fourth or fifth waves.

Since the raid takes considerable damage in this stage, each time Energy Charges die and explode (even though these explosions do little damage on their own, they usually happen almost at the same time, and their combined damage is quite high), resetting the stacks of Overcharged remains a priority. For ranged DPS and healers, this is easy, since they can spend their time at the outer edge of the Inner Ring and simply side-step or jump to reset their debuff.

Melee DPS players have a harder task. For the most part, they are best off quickly stepping outside the Inner Ring whenever they finish killing an Energy Charge (since these generally die close to the Outer Ring anyway). In some cases, however, they can choose to skip resetting their stacks for a wave of Energy Charges, and be prepared to use defensive or self-healing cooldowns to survive the next wave of explosions.

7. Stage Three

When one or more Energy Charges reach their destination, Stage Three begins.

7.1. Collapse of the Inner Ring
As we have mentioned above several times already, when Stage Two comes to a close, the floor of the Inner Ring will disappear. All players must leave this area, or else they will fall to their deaths.

About 20 seconds into Stage Three, 6 pylons will appear around the inner edge of the Outer Ring, called Empyreal Focuses. Empyreal Focuses are stationary, killable adds that deal no damage and perform no actions. Stage Three ends when all 6 Focuses are killed.

Three Energy Conduits run from one side of the arena to the other, each of them linking two Empyreal Focuses. The Energy Conduits extend beyond the Focuses, all the way to the edges of the Outer Ring. Crossing the Energy Conduits deals massive damage to players. The Energy Conduits, therefore, effectively split the Outer Ring into 6 compartments, between which players cannot move freely.

An Energy Conduit disappears when both the Empyreal Focuses that it links have been destroyed.

In LFR, there are 6 Energy Conduits, each being linked to a single Empyreal Focus. While the room remains divided in 6 compartments, breaking an Energy Conduit is done simply by destroying its Empyreal Focus.

For ease of understanding, we have numbered the Empyreal Focuses from 1 to 6, starting from the control panel located at the entrance to the room, and going in a clockwise fashion. The image provided above illustrates the positions of the Empyreal Focuses and the Energy Conduits.

The Empyreal Focuses heavily influence your raid's positioning. Your raid will have to be split into two (or more) groups. As the Inner Ring collapses (so, before the actual start of Stage Three), these groups should be positioned around the Outer Ring, in the spaces between the Empyreal Focuses.

7.2. Abilities
Stage Three ramps-up slowly, so for the first 20 or so seconds there is no damage done to the raid. Many different things happen during this stage.

Elegon periodically deals Arcane damage to the raid with Unstable Energy.
Elegon also periodically targets the locations of random players with Energy Cascade. This deals a large amount of Arcane damage in a 5-yard radius of the point of impact, and spawns a small add called Cosmic Spark.
Cosmic Sparks have no abilities, and they simply melee their main aggro target. They are killable.
For each Empyreal Focus that your raid kills, Elegon gains a stack of Overloaded, increasing his damage and casting speed. This buff wears off when Stage Three ends.
7.3. Strategy
During this stage, your raid will have to:

Move around the Outer Ring, killing the Empyreal Focuses.
Tank and kill the Cosmic Sparks. Killing them can be delayed until all the Focuses are dead.
Avoid the impact locations of Energy Cascade.
Heal the raid and tank damage.
7.3.1. Positioning at the Start of the Stage, and Killing Empyreal Focuses
Your raid should split up into two groups, one going clockwise, and one going counter-clockwise, with an even split of tanks, healers, and DPS.

When the stage begins, and the Empyreal Focuses and their Energy Conduits go up, your raid members should already be in position in the compartments created by the Conduits. For example, one group can be located between Focuses 1 and 6, and the other between Focuses 2 and 3. One group can kill Focus 6, while the other kills Focus 3. This will destroy the Conduit linking these two Focuses, granting your raid access to Focuses 4 and 5. From here, it's a simple matter of killing the Focuses as you wish.

This is just an example, and you can distribute your raid in any number of ways.

Ranged DPS players who stand next to Focuses 2 and 5 can reach both Focuses 1 and 3, and 4 and 6 respectively. This is of particular interest for multi-dotting classes, who can benefit greatly.

In LFR, the phase is very straightforward. DPS players should just kill any Empyreal Focuses they can reach, and move to new ones as Energy Conduits disappear. No organization or coordination is required.

7.3.2. Other Concerns of Stage Three
Players must be careful not to cross the Energy Conduit, since this is very damaging.

Tanks will have to pick up and tank the Cosmic Sparks, while healers must heal the damage from Unstable Energy and the melee attacks of the Cosmic Sparks.

Everyone has to be very careful to dodge the Energy Cascades.

When the Stage is over, your raid can AoE the Cosmic Sparks.

8. Second Cycle

When Stage Three ends, Stage One will restart. Everything will continue as described above. The only difference is that Stage One ends when Elegon reaches 50% health, instead of 85%.

When the second cycle is over (after the second Stage Three ends), Elegon gains a buff called Radiating Energies, which periodically deals raid-wide Arcane damage to all players, in both the Inner and Outer Rings. The damage in the Outer Ring is considerably higher than that in the Inner Ring. Aside from this, Elegon will simply melee the tank and cast Celestial Breath.

This is a burn phase, when the boss will be taking increased damage from all the stacks of Draw Power that he should have by now. Your raid will have a limited amount of time before Elegon enrages, so during this phase you must be prepared to maximise your raid's DPS.

Everyone should stack on Elegon, and simply heal through the damage. We do not recommend wasting any time resetting stacks of Overcharged, instead simply using healing and defensive cooldowns to survive until the boss dies.

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Looks good Syn, good job.
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