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 Selyssana- Mage

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PostSubject: Selyssana- Mage   Sun Jul 28, 2013 12:55 pm

About you

Name: Kylie
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Timezone: Brisbane
Tell us about yourself? I've been playing WoW since BC, and although I've tried other games, they don't keep me sucked in like WoW does.  I'm a committed raider, although lately my guild has taken a more casual approach, which is why I am applying here.  My work hours don't interfere with raiding, and I'm pretty easy going.  I think Locksrus is funny, so that probably means I have a lame sense of humor. Laughing

List your computer's stats and your internet connection.
AMD FX(tm) 4100 Quad Core Processor 3.60GHz, GeForce GTX 570.  Telstra ADSL2- I sit around 200ms in raids.


Name: Selyssana
Class: Mage
Level: 90
Professions: Tailor/ Engineer
What is your main spec?: Frost atm
Do you have an off spec?: I will happily play Fire or Arcane
What are your rotations?: Evocation (pre pull), Arcane Tempest/ Living Bomb, Frost Bomb, Frostbolt, Ice Lance, Frostfire Bolt on procs. Icy Veins/ Alter Time macro used with 2 charges of Fingers of Frost and a Brain Freeze proc.  All CD's used every CD.  Invocation refreshed when needed.

Raiding Questions

Why do you want to join Fatal? We've had some tough times recruiting in Adrenaline, and I'm not loving our team right now. Raid nights have become very frustrating for me.  I just would like to raid with people who like to put in the effort to get the job done.  Locksrus is also my bestie, so the chance to raid with him again would also be cool.

Is there anyone that can vouch for you in Fatal? I've recently raided with Locksrus, Met and Carrion Smile

Previous Raid Experience (guilds, ranks/roles, and content cleared - include Vanilla/BC/Wotlk/Cata if relevant)
Burning Crusade
Guilds- Highborne, Virtus
T4 cleared, T5- no Vashj or Kael kill,  T6No Archi or Illidan kill
Guilds- Virtus, Khazuals, Endless Fury, Highborne
T7 cleared, T8 cleared with various HM's, T9 clear with various HM's, T10 11/12H
Guilds- Adrenaline, Anomaly
T11- 6/13H, T12- 6/7H, T13- 8/8H
Guilds- Anomaly, Adrenaline
MSV 6/6N, T14- N clear, T15- 6/12N
*Some T14 bosses killed only on my shaman Zindaya with my friends in Reprieve  Smile

Screenshot or link to any recent combat parses (WMO, WoL, etc)
I don't have a WoL available at the moment, but I can get one next raid.

Link a screenshot of your UI (in combat, in a raid setting)

This is a progression guild so we are not looking to carry you, during raids you must be at your best with consumables and a ready brain. Can you handle this?

Are you willing to be on standby for raids?

Thank you  pirat
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PostSubject: Re: Selyssana- Mage   Sun Jul 28, 2013 1:06 pm

I Endorse this Product/Service

I always knew you couldn't live without me;) 
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PostSubject: Re: Selyssana- Mage   Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:21 am

I also very much endorse this lovely lady.

She's awesome

- xoxo Hits

p.s You would join right after I quit wow -.-
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PostSubject: Re: Selyssana- Mage   Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:31 pm

I've raided with Sely on and off over the last few expansions. If she's anything like she used to be, then I definitely think it should be a 'yes!'
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PostSubject: Re: Selyssana- Mage   Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:42 pm

With all this praise how could I say no?

We would love to have you in our guild and a part of our raiding team!! Please pst anyone for an invite when you are ready to join us Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Selyssana- Mage   

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Selyssana- Mage
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